24. Smoke

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4 Replies to “24. Smoke”

  1. Laura Moos says:

    Well, whaddya know, the guys who broke in weren’t with the Temple. How unexpected! Especially in this location. I wonder if this is the clever man he’s to retrieve for Maya.


    What do you mean there’s not another scene? I caught up? Thursday was yesterday? Outrageous. Unacceptable. I still have 6 hours of vacation left!

    Can’t wait to find out what happens next 😀

    • Cullen says:

      Wow so glad you’ve enjoyed it so far, and super thanks for all your comments! Stay tuned! I promise I’ve got lots more cool stuff planned. 😉

  2. Charles says:

    This was a welcomed chapter of straightforward action. I’ve always enjoyed the manner in which you described Nai’s fighting style, and am further intrigued by the continually unfolding mythos regarding the vanishing woman in armour. Furthermore, the reappearance of those military-government types was a nice, unexpected twist. Especially with Cpn. Apartmentbuster McBrokenankle. That definitely made me smile.

    I do so enjoy it when people have to work together. I very much hope they have to. I have so many questions about their involvement in things, but I would imagine they have more questions for Mark 😀 Like a good mystery, more questions keep cropping up as other answers appear. Keep it up!

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