18. Night

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2 Replies to “18. Night”

  1. Laura Moos says:

    That dream was absolutely fascinating. Sylvia sounds *awesome*, even as a kid. I love how she decided to be her own hero.

    I wonder how that’s happening.

    Also, his paling eyes. A side effect of the drug, I assume? They were so pale in the prologue…

  2. Charles says:

    Your Gaiman and Lovecraft is showing very strongly in the first part of the chapter. I was equal parts squirming with discomfort (like those wormy toes) and horribly transfixed with what was happening. Suffering from very bad night terrors, I’m all to familiar with how those waking dreams can seem so real (and am curious as to how real that vision actually was).

    Was very intrigued at how the vision felt like a legend being told, could see it very vibrantly in my minds eye with the words you deliberately chose to paint the scene with.

    Looking forward to seeing what Jenny and Mark get themselves into next. Their rapport remains strong and one of the things I appreciate quite a bit. Thanks for the update!

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