17. Need

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3 Replies to “17. Need”

  1. Laura Moos says:

    Really nice to have some context. I wondered about the girl from the dream. When I read the chapter with the dream before, the blonde doll she had gave me pause. Of course it makes more sense storywise that it would be Sylvia, but it’s pretty common for little girls to have dolls that look like them, and Sylvia seems to have dark hair, whereas Jenny has blonde. So that left me uncertain about which of them it might be, or if it was someone else.
    Maybe it was a doll that Jenny gave to her to remember her by? Or maybe Sylvia wasn’t always dark haired?

  2. Charles says:

    It was nice to have a breather and some details filled about Jenny and her sister. At least for me, I’m enjoying Jenny more and more as a character. Her unlikely partnership with Mark is refreshing and their rapport engaging. Jenny reminds me as to what I used to love about Detective Karin Murphy, and I’m glad she’s remaining competent despite how much she is in over her head.

    ‘Her face brims over with history; it drips from her eyes to make sparks among the clouds of freckles.’ That is perhaps my most favourite line this chapter. Beautiful, just beautiful. And the hug was a wonderfully described moment of shared humanity. Looking forward to seeing where this all goes. Keep up the fantastic work 🙂

    And, a little music I found fitting for the chapter:

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