27. Fire

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4 Replies to “27. Fire”

  1. Laura Moos says:

    Oh good to know! I didn’t realize you didn’t have to moderate those. That seems way less work for you XD will do that from now on instead.

  2. Laura Moos says:

    That is one dedicated bagpiper.

    I wonder if Marcus achieved what he came there to do. At the very least he got some important information out of it.

    Sylvia didn’t try to kill him this time. That’s interesting. Maybe because she wasn’t directly ordered to, she didn’t have to? Food for thought.

    • Cullen says:

      Thank you very much for your continued comments! I’m glad you’re enjoying!
      FYI: if you log in using your fb account, wp account, or any other listed by the comment box, then I won’t have to manually approve your comments and they’ll post right away.

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