25. Breath

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4 Replies to “25. Breath”

  1. Cullen says:

    I rue the day I gave Brass a Yorkshire brogue. I can’t seem to get my tongue around it let alone keep it going, and alternating between Brass and Tellerhorn definitely stretched me. Incidentally, if you’re a lover of LARPs and community theater like me and don’t know about the speech accent archive http://accent.gmu.edu/ and the International Dialects of English archive https://www.dialectsarchive.com/ then you’re welcome. Now you do!

  2. Laura Moos says:

    I can see why Brass ordered the sedative.
    Ominous foreboding indeed from our man Daniel.

    I’m sure Marcus is just thrilled at not only Daniels’s predictions of this “nightmare” Marcus might become, but also at the living embodiment of another possible outcome for him, gibbering and strapped to a bed. Nightmarish indeed.

    • Laura Moos says:

      You know what? I’m not done here. I really appreciate how you retained Daniel’s poetry and incorporated it into his madness. The way he says things, repeats things, and sometimes looks for a word and then finds better, more poetic way to say it. Still thinking about that a week later. It’s good stuff.

      • Cullen says:

        I’m sort of a sucker for mysto-babble. Some of what he’s said is relevant to this situation, some not until book four at the earliest, but it’s all meaningful.

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