An Earnest Affair

A long time ago in a desert stained with blood, a young lieutenant wagers his fortune at war, and on other lawless things….

4. My Dark Invitation

Can a German army stop our heroes in their tracks, or will they have to leave their tracks on dusty desert and travel the road forbidden? Who captains this host of death? Who rides these hounds of hell? Where’s Ashburry? All this and more!

3. Unwelcome Guests

Can the feet of all ruin be fled, or will the fleet feet supersede the feat? Can a racist race horse win a race? Why is Marcus in a blindfold? All this and more!

2. A Pleasant Evening Ride

What did John mean by an ‘eyeful?’ Will Tellerhorn get his action? Can a terrible two-year-old terrify in war? Who’s Ashburry? All this and more!

1. A Game of Shells

In which soldiers wait for the assault, water must do for wine, and a kindness sparks an unlikely connection….

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