About Cold Morning


Years ago Jenny’s sister vanished without a trace. Now that sister has reappeared as part of a violent criminal outfit rumored to wield dark magic. Jenny will stop at nothing to get her sister back – if that means chasing her halfway around the world, breaking the law, even committing murder, so be it.

Mark Simmons is a Don Quixote hero in a world that doesn’t believe in heroes. His chosen name, Marcus Summanus, comes from his favorite adventure stories – books written by his mother before she died. But unlike his favorite not-knight errant, Mark lives in a mundane world, and means to do ordinary good for real people. At least, until he agrees to help Jenny. Then things go sideways fast and questioning his own sanity joins a list of concerns that includes opium cartels, spooks, black magic, demons, ancient cults, and international intrigue.

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Content Warning

Contains graphic violence, sex, drug use, and strong language. I would not read this to children.

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