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Cold-Morning is a serial fiction podcast and e-novel about a globe-trotting adventure in the 1930s. It is noir, violent, magical, sometimes sexy, often snarky, and intended for a mature audience.

Do you know how to find the vanished world, of witches and stranger things? Mark Simmons dreams of ferreting out those corners where magic lingers, out of the reach of neon lights and iron railed roads. He was raised by seekers who hunted mysteries from the bloody sands of the Sinai to the haunted Mountains of Tibet, but Mark left that life of magic behind when his parents sent him away to school and safety. Now he’s just another man-without-work in the pits of great depression Chicago, except he’s got two fists and a commission to find a missing killer that beckons him back to the roads his parents hoped he’d never see…. What will you find when you look past where the lights end?

Who would you do anything to save? Jenny’s sister was stolen away as a child and their father gave up searching when the markets crashed. Six years later, Jenny is finally free and ready to ask the question: just how far will I go to get my sister back? The only magic Jenny believes is the word ‘please’ and the trick of putting a bullet in just the right spot, but she’s got a sharp-shooting pistol, money, and a mission, and in the end what more do you really need?

Text updates publish on Thursdays. Patreon supporters occasionally vote on which way the story will go, get to read two chapters ahead, and may download pdf and epub versions, including cut content and extra side-stories.

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In which the author receives an unexpected correspondence…


In which a familiar stranger commits a murder…

Warehouse 43

In which Mark decides not to go dancing, and then regrets it…


In which a heroine makes her appearance…


In which Mark interviews for a job, at gunpoint….


In which a dance hall makes for a poor bullet-stopper…


In which Mark negotiates a menu of lead or knuckle sandwiches, swears, and reminisces about worse times…


In which it all comes to a crossroads, a standstill, and an end…


In which a shovel is wielded to questionable effect, and help comes from unexpected quarters…


In which the morning is cold, the enemies close, and the friends closer…


In which the friend of a friend may be no friend indeed…


In which the rain comes through the roof, Nash gets a cigarette, and we consider the question of flags…


In which a sandwich is eaten and our hero teeters on the brink of the next…


In which we visit a Bangkok market and an underdog fights for a prize…


In which blood sport turns bloody….


In which a garland of flowers takes on a new meaning, and Summanus says his name…


In which a new suit of clothes solves all worldly woes, and a matchbook fails to light a fire….


In which a crime comes to light….


In which a crime scene is not abandoned….


In which Jenny tells a story….


In which knives dance among the poppies….


In which Summanus enters the place called Bitter Flower….


In which a magician grants a mission….


In which ways part under stone eyes….


In which many names are lost, and one remembered….


In which the pit reveals secrets….


In which a knife is no match for a Garland, and an old enemy returns….


In which a monkey meets a bagpipe, a soldier knows secrets, and prophecy is uttered….


In which it is dangerous to ignore a warning….


In which wrath stalks amid ruin and Mark must choose his way….


In which an escape plan is sunk….


In which missions collide in the night….


In which the city groans….


In which a plot is hatched beneath dripping thatch….


In which escape is the only option…. or Cat’s Cradle.


In which every shot counts….


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