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If you don’t want any spoilers, the start link is for you. Cold-Morning is an ongoing web serial about globe-trotting not-quite-hero Marcus Summanus and his misadventures with magic, gangsters, and mayhem in the 1930s. It is noir, violent, sometimes sexy, often snarky, and intended for a mature audience. It’s an ongoing story, so it’s best to start at the beginning. Everything will make more sense that way.

Book II First Draft Finished

Book 2: Marcus Summanus and the House of Rubicon will begin updates in October of 2020.

4. My Dark Invitation

Can a German army stop our heroes in their tracks, or will they have to leave their tracks on dusty desert and travel the road forbidden? Who captains this host of death? Who rides these hounds of hell? Where’s Ashburry? All this and more!

3. Unwelcome Guests

Can the feet of all ruin be fled, or will the fleet feet supersede the feat? Can a racist race horse win a race? Why is Marcus in a blindfold? All this and more!

2. A Pleasant Evening Ride

What did John mean by an ‘eyeful?’ Will Tellerhorn get his action? Can a terrible two-year-old terrify in war? Who’s Ashburry? All this and more!

1. A Game of Shells

In which soldiers wait for the assault, water must do for wine, and a kindness sparks an unlikely connection….

53. Epilogue

In which the author explains the fate of Otto Vessier and shares a hint of things to come…

52. Home

In which a journey ends….

51. Distance

In which an outstanding mystery is solved….

50. Road

In which paths diverge….

49. Answer

In which Maya’s dance meets its match….

48. Call

In which a song is sung….

47. Rain

In which a good dog bites hard….

46. End

In which Maya’s temple fights to the last….

45. Light

In which Agafya writes a message in blood….

44. Consequence

In which lives are changed….

43. Fear

In which life and smoke both fade….

42. Violence

In which a party is thrown and everyone invited….

41. Dissent

In which Agafya encounters a problem….

40. Rage

In which a price is paid….

39. Peace

In which a master reveals secret truth and terrible consequence….

38. Deeps

In which shapes move in the dark, words are whispered, choices made, and something follows…

37. Dark

In which waits a perilous choice and the test of all hopes so far….

36. Hollows

In which secret doors lead secret ways….

35. Pit

In which eager gladiators fight to the death….

34. Madness

In which plans meet problems….

33. Shatter

In which every shot counts….

32. Run

In which escape is the only option…. or Cat’s Cradle.

31. Fighter

In which a plot is hatched beneath dripping thatch….

30. Friend

In which the city groans….

29. Father

In which missions collide in the night….

28. Water

In which an escape plan is sunk….

27. Fire

In which wrath stalks amid ruin and Mark must choose his way….

26. Charge

In which it is dangerous to ignore a warning….

25. Breath

In which a monkey meets a bagpipe, a soldier knows secrets, and prophecy is uttered….

24. Smoke

In which a knife is no match for a Garland, and an old enemy returns….

23. Ghosts

In which the pit reveals secrets….

22. Ruin

In which many names are lost, and one remembered….

21. Crossroads

In which ways part under stone eyes….

20. Rebuke

In which a magician grants a mission….

19. Day

In which Summanus enters the place called Bitter Flower….

18. Night

In which knives dance among the poppies….

17. Need

In which Jenny tells a story….

16. Empty

In which a crime scene is not abandoned….

15. Deal

In which a crime comes to light….

14. Broken

In which a new suit of clothes solves all worldly woes, and a matchbook fails to light a fire….

13. Fall

In which a garland of flowers takes on a new meaning, and Summanus says his name…

12. Fever

In which blood sport turns bloody….

11. Heat

In which we visit a Bangkok market and an underdog fights for a prize…

10. Choice

In which a sandwich is eaten and our hero teeters on the brink of the next…

9. Chain

In which the rain comes through the roof, Nash gets a cigarette, and we consider the question of flags…

8. Follow

In which the friend of a friend may be no friend indeed…

7. Chill

In which the morning is cold, the enemies close, and the friends closer…

6. Wake

In which a shovel is wielded to questionable effect, and help comes from unexpected quarters…

5. Sunrise

In which it all comes to a crossroads, a standstill, and an end…

4. Shadow

In which Mark negotiates a menu of lead or knuckle sandwiches, swears, and reminisces about worse times…

3. Shelter

In which a dance hall makes for a poor bullet-stopper…

2. Glimmer

In which a heroine makes her appearance…

1. Gunshot

In which a familiar stranger commits a murder…


In which the author explains some of the mysterious circumstances surrounding the manuscript which follows…

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